90 Day Meal Plan for your Bikini Body

I’ve had the opportunity to see so many life changing experiences and I can not express in words the feeling I get when someone tells me that their life has changed just by taking better care of themselves. I believe in long lasting and realistic results. We are meant to live our best version of ourselves that we can be, so why wait any longer? Shake your booty with me and get started now, whatever it is that you want and love to do. I’ve created a meal plan and system to get you started and to keep you motivated through your journey to rock that bikini because you deserve to feel good, look good, and live good! Are You Ready?

I want to share with you my client’s results who I have had the pleasure of working with. She’s an amazing mom and has committed to live a healthy lifestyle. Here are her progress photos and what she said about her journey.

12 week Progress
Following meal plan 100% Results may vary



“I decide to endure on a journey about 6 months ago, I decided to make some changes. After trying so many times without seeing results. I have always tried to eat clean, but I’ve never followed thru. The first 3 months, I tried to gain the weight in order to gain muscle, but I realized, it was hard, it was going to take time and dedication. I was able to gain weight up to 128 pounds, it took me 3 months to gain it. On the fourth month, I decided to purchase another meal plan. I was determine to make it. The first couple of weeks were hard, but I couldn’t give up, finally I started seeing the weight come off and noticing significant results thought out my body, especially my stomach. I went from 128 pounds to 109 pounds, I feel good and look awesome.  One thing, I noticed was the food, I really enjoyed eating popcorn, chili and etc. Having a good meal plan that tastes super good makes a lot of difference. I give thanks to Amanda for my meal plan…. It was worth awhile. I continue to improve every day, let this were this journey takes.”-Anna

Published by: amandagailfit

Yes, I finally quit my day job to do what I love! I spend time with my family, and help people get fit every day. I teach fitness classes, train clients for individual needs including bikini competitors, I run my MMA Gym, and I lead a women's financial firm. I also found a new love for Jiu Jitsu. Training and running businesses is a passion and I want to leave a legacy behind that is lasting. My journey has not been easy. There is much failure behind where I am today. I believe there is enough success for everyone, and what I can do to help others find their path to lead them through their fitness journey is my calling. I just want to help and I get excited any time anyone has and ounce of empowerment or a jolt of accomplishment. This is what I live for and I hope to be a part of your fitness journey as well! -Amanda Gail

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